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7 Types Of Bedsheets You Should Know About Before Buying Online Bedsheets

Here are various types of bedsheets based on the materials that you have to know before buying online bedsheets.

What is a weave?

The way in which the weft and wrap are interlaced is called weave of the fabric.There are different patterns of interlacing the strands,therefore there are different types of weaves.Choosing the right weave can increase the softness as well as durability to lower quality cotton. Some common weaves include Plain,Guest Posting Twill,Satin, Sateen, Flannel, Percale,and jersey.Here are the different types of weaves used in luxury bed sheets that you have to know before buying a luxury bed sheet.

Plain weave

Plain weave is a type of weave in which each weft strand is passed alternatively above and below the wrap strand in a square pattern. This type of weave is durable and inexpensive.

Twill weave

Twill Weave is a specific type of weaving which results in a diagonal pattern which adds durability to the fabric.Twill luxury bed sheets are strong ,flexible and drape easily. These sheets are soft when compared to others and perfect for winters.

Satin weave

This is a unique technique of weaving in which four warp threads over one weft thread.

Satin weave is a warp faced technique in which warps are predominant. Fabrics like silk,rayon,polyester are used in satin weave that gives smooth and silky finish. While buying satin luxury bed sheets go for thread count 300 or more and make sure the sheets are woven and not knitted to get the perfect smoothness from the weave.


Cotton is the most Popular material used to make bedsheets. Cotton bedsheets are breathable and keep you cool and it gets softer over multiple washes while maintaining the durability.cotton bed sheets are affordable and easy to wash.Not all the cotton are the same . We have to understand the different categories in which cotton quality is measured like thread count, weave and staple length. Consider cotton comes in boles and we have to stretch it to create fibers which are then used to weave threads and sheets. The length of fibers used to weave the cotton into sheets is called staple length.

The longer the staple length the higher the quality of the sheet and more durable.

Types of cotton based on staple length.

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is the highest cotton available in sheets and made of extra-long staple. It can be quite pricey but provides extreme softness and incredible durability .

Pima Cotton

Pima is made of long staple cotton and known as supima the trademarked name for American Pima cotton. It isn’t as expensive as Egyptian cotton but it is still durable and high quality.

Upland Cotton

It is a lower quality cotton when compared to egyptian and pima, as it is made of short staple cotton. Bedsheets containing labels “100% Cotton” are more likely upland but still durable. This cotton isn’t as soft as the other types.

Choosing the right weave can increase the softness as well as durability to lower quality cotton. Some common weaves include Flannel,percale,sateen and jersey.


Linen is Made from flux and has a natural cooling property. It is Perfect for hot sleepers and those with allergies , as linen is a hypoallergenic material and ensures children’s safety. Since these bed sheets allow a lot of air flow through the fabric, it will work in all seasons.This fabric softens after each wash but is prone to wrinkles. While buying online bedsheets look for linens with a thread count of around 200 .


Bamboo is an environmentally friendly material but Making Bamboo sheets isn’t a very environmentally friendly process. Basically bamboo sheets are made of rayon.

The process of extracting bamboo cellulose and undergoing treatment which turns them into pulp and then spun into a thread using many harmful chemicals is called bamboo rayon. Resulting the fiber is soft , durable, Hypoallergenic,wrinkle resistant and not as expensive as silk.


Polyester sheets are not made of 100% polyester , they blend with other materials like cotton to create sheets that are budget friendly. These bed sheets are scratchy and stiff and lack breathability but they are durable and stain resistant. However they trap heat well using these bed sheets in cooler months is recommended.


Tencel is an environmentally friendly material that is made from the wood pulp of eucalyptus tree which is naturally antimicrobial and wrinkle resistant. These sheets are soft ,smooth and hypoallergenic but are not as breathable as cotton sheets. It tends to hold the heat rather than releasing it.Consider buy tencel online bedsheets if you are an eco-conscious customer.


Silk is natural fiber produced from silkworm. Silk bed sheets are the most luxurious sheets available. These sheets are amazingly cool and rich and are naturally hypoallergenic.Silk sheets are expensive when compared to other sheets in the market. Silk sheets are good for preventing bed head and hair breakage.


This type of material is basically polyester that has been finely woven. These sheets are extremely soft, durable and stain resistant but they tend to lack breathability, which makes them less suitable for hotter seasons.since it is much softer than polyester it will make you comfortable to sleep on. You have to look for GSM rather than thread count before buying an online bedsheets. Quality microfiber sheets have a GSM of around 90 to 110 is recommended.

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